Sonic Forces | Review

Following the smash hit success of Sonic Mania, the blue hedgehog seemed to maybe be back on his feet and ready for a hot streak. After the uncertainty of Sonic Lost World and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, Sonic Team could use Sonic Forces as an attempt to rejuvenate the Modern Sonic lineage of games from the decline it had gotten stuck in. My interest in the game waned as more was revealed about it, as it seemed to be rushed out and a decrease in quality from Sonic Generations: however, was this a premature reaction to a game with a lot of potential? In all honesty, absolutely not.

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Sonic Mania | Review

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Sonic Mania was an announcement that truly excited me. Another 2D platformer is something I had awaited for an age, as prior to the tumultuous 3D days, the Sonic series was acclaimed for its approach to side-scrolling platforming. The throwback to this simpler time was a prospect I anticipated, and the team behind the game filled me with confidence. However, I feared that SEGA or Sonic Team would overstep their bounds and dilute the greatness with baffling decisions, much like what would happen with the 3D games. Were these fears null, or would they manifest fully in the final game?

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Nintendo Switch | Review

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The Nintendo Switch is a system that was an absolute impossibility only a few years ago. Nobody could truly nail the hybrid console idea, as none were foolhardy enough to even attempt the idea. Small steps had been made towards the idea coming to fruition, but nothing of real substance. Coming off the Wii U, Nintendo’s image was tarnished in the eyes of many hardcore gamers, yet the atmosphere around the console prior to the launch was electric. After viewing the January reveal event, my reaction was quite tepid, to say the least. Could they really knock this new system out of the park, or was it a dream that was impossible in reality?

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