What is this website about?

If you have clicked onto this page, you are probably unfamiliar with my website, and therefore my content as a whole. Welcome to Sagacious Game Monographs, new reader! This page will outline all of the content I do, and the different subsections I place them into.

This website was kickstarted in 2015 after yearning for a hub to host my writings for a few months, and I am still as active as ever, or too inactive, depending on how good my schedule is. To diversify what I do, however, I have three different catergories that show the topics I typically write about.

Reviews are self explanatory; my thoughts about visuals, audio, and gameplay are showcased in a post. That is pretty standard fare for the past few years, but my two other features are more off-kilter. ‘Opinionated’ posts are for recent news and a shorter reaction to what I think, while an ‘Analysis’ is for more fleshed out posts that delve into the nature of less specific things. For example, I could write about Battlefield in an ‘Opinionated’ post, while an ‘Analysis’ would focus on first person shooters as a whole.

That is about it for my website, because it is pretty straightforward from there. I hope you do enjoy visiting the website, as there is plenty more to come!


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