Why does this blog not offer review scores?

For the past few years, Metacritic has reigned supreme in compiling review scores and creating one big number that’s meant to show how good a certain product is. The main problem for me is that there’s a number attached at all.

Every person can view a numerical score a different way. Let’s say, for example, Game X got a 7/10 on one site, but it was described in the review as “a decent game”, you could think that a 7/10 is above average. Another example would be if Game Y got a 10/10, but described as “a good game marred by technical faults”. That description could be a 6/10 to you.

That’s why I generally let the words speak for themselves. That’s just an opinion that is unfiltered and doesn’t let a number detract from the actual review. Assigning numbers just seems arbitrary to me, but they could help others take an opinion away from that score, so it’s not all meaningless.

“But hold on! Use words”, may be what you are thinking, but to filter everything down to one word is quite unclear and may muddle the situation up even more by simply saying how good it is without showing the negatives of the game. Every game has flaws – no game is perfect.

But that’s just what I think! You may feel differently, and that’s alright. If we all felt the same, we wouldn’t be able to discuss anything apart from pure facts, and that just wouldn’t be the internet, would it?


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