Sonic Mania | Opinionated


This opinion piece is based on a preview build debuted at Summer of Sonic 2016, but also present at EGX 2016. A full EGX article will go up soon, and will be linked to here once completed.

Sonic Mania effortlessly harkens back to the early 1990s, where Sonic was the king in the rise of mascot platformers. If the need for speed is resisted, references to SEGA’s past can be seen as broadly as daylight, such as an enlarged SEGA Sonic popcorn machine. These throwbacks show that the people behind the project are big Sonic enthusiasts.

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Overwatch, and the Scummer Games | Opinionated


As of yesterday, Blizzard updated Overwatch to include new Summer Games content, so that they can have an unofficial tie in to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. They promised over ninety new items to be unlocked, but there are a few catches – you cannot buy them with currency but instead through unlocking or buying Loot Boxes, it is time locked, and the items will be unobtainable after the event is over. Let me just write about how I am not too pleased, for a multitude of reasons.

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Should rhythm games resurge? | Opinionated


Until Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4‘s releases, we had not seen a game from those series since 2010. The genre was stagnant for six complete years, during which Call of Duty has been suffering a sales decline until Call of Duty: Black Ops III broke that trend with phenomenal sales.

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Physical releases versus digital releases | Opinionated

For quite a while now, as you may have no doubt noticed, the world has been transitioning to a digital future. iTunes is a great way for musicians to show off their creations, Netflix has popularized subscribing to a service to get access to a massive quantity of movies, and video games are following suit with the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store, Xbox Marketplace, and most notoriously Steam.

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Why am I so hooked to GameCenter CX? | Opinionated

A Japanese man, who doubles as a comedian, plays old-school video games whilst wearing a blue jumpsuit! Surprisingly, it’s absolutely fantastic.

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How will Twitch fare against YouTube Gaming? | Opinionated

Twitch, for quite a while, has been the kings of the untapped market of live-streaming. Can YouTube Gaming take the crown?

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The Splatoon Global Testfire is a great server test | Opinionated

Sorry for the avalanche of information, but we’ve just learned so much about tonight’s Splatoon Global Testfire!! This just in! There’ll be four weapons available for use during the Splatoon Global Testfire:Splattershot Jr.SplattershotSplat RollerSplat ChargerThat’s a good selection of well-rounded weapons right there. That Splattershot Jr. in particular is a good choice for first-timers.The four weapons you’ll be able to use in the upcoming Testfire event are just the tip of the ink-gun iceberg. The full game will feature a dazzling array of inkredible armaments. The different speeds and strengths of these weapons make for a huge variety of play styles as well. Check out the Weapon Shop section of the Fresh Gear page on the official Splatoon website to see what I mean!

When I first saw Splatoon nearly a year ago, it looked mediocre. There was no fun to be had spraying ink at multiple objects. Interesting, sure, but not revolutionary. This looked like a gimmick, and nothing more. And then a demo was announced, eleven months later.

And now I’m craving more.

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