One year of Sagacious Game Monographs


23 March, 2015 – 23 March, 2016

When I first uploaded my Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS review to this very website, I heavily doubted my ability to be able to hold a website together. No chance, I thought, but 20 posts later, look where I am now!

Yesterday, the site achieved its first birthday! It seems like only a few days ago since I called the website Sagacious Game Monographs. I don’t even remember what that means, but I do remember quite a bit about the transition this site has had, so think of this post as a look back at why I decided to create this website in the first place.

I. Reasons for doing this website and choosing WordPress

I always had ambitions to review games and be able to dig into what make them so diverse, so when I thought to create a website to do just that, I cursed myself for not thinking of it sooner. However, when I finally got around to doing it, I, at first, endeavoured to use Blogspot, but I had to create a Google Plus account.

That’s not a step I’m willing to take, so I headed off to WordPress, and haven’t looked back. It did end up confusing me for a few hours, but I think it’s been a decision that has paid off!

II. Uploading the first reviews

Before creating this website, a forum hosted my reviews for a little bit before I decided to spread out, so my first three reviews, up until Stick Ninja, had to be uploaded onto here. Armed with only my Wii U, I copy-pasted everything. Not too difficult, right? No, except when you have to copy every single paragraph, as it’ll only copy one paragraph at a time. I’d written 1,300 words for the first, 1,700 for the second, and 400 for the last. Nice job.

I don’t have to do that anymore, obviously, but looking back, it seems so monotonous. It probably helped that I was listening to the Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island OST, then.

III. How I write reviews

I am a reviewer that plans nothing out, because I literally sit down, think about what comes to mind, and then write those thoughts. If I wrote notes, I wouldn’t be able to bring up as many points, because I wouldn’t know what’s review-worthy and what isn’t. I’d probably write too many notes, just like how my reviews are usually above 700 words. My Raiders of the Lost Ark review was 866 words! I think my style sets a different tone that most reviewers, and why I’ll probably continue to do it.

IV. Constant layout changes

For my first few months, I basically cycled through layouts. I tried to find the right layout, but when I finished with them, I cycled to the next one. That means I changed my website layout more in one year than the Space Jam website has in 19, which is insane. However, I stumbled across this layout, which I liked for the simplicity, hence why it’s still here.

V. Features that got cut

For my first few months, I did a series called Opinionated, where I voiced my opinion about certain events in video games. I eventually cancelled that, as I thought I was a reviewer first, and not a source of news. I also planned on doing Top 10s, but I didn’t for that exact reason. Maybe that was poor judgement, but I didn’t feel like I could pull them off!

VI. The future

The future of this site will bring the Opinionated features back while I also bring in new Analysis articles, which will predict how companies will act in the future based on their past. This won’t be serious industry analysis, per se, but instead a bunch of my hair-brained theories to fill the gap between the other articles. I will also not review any more mobile games: if they are discussed, it’ll be only in Opinionated or Historical Analysis. Otherwise, in list form, here’s what to expect from me next!

  • Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. | Review
  • Mario Kart 8 | Review
  • Star Wars Battlefront | Review
  • Rocket League | Review
  • Batman: Arkham Knight | Review
  • Project CARS | Review
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes | Review
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game | Review
  • LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy | Review
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens | Review
  • Is virtual reality really the next big evolution in video gaming? | Opinionated
  • How are EA abusing DLC? | Opinionated
  • Oculus | Analysis
  • Nintendo | Analysis
  • Konami | Analysis

VII. Thanks

For those who have been around for one year, thank you. When I didn’t want to keep going, it was you who helped me to get motivated. So, thanks a lot for helping me with the drive to review stuff.

If you’d like to check out content similar to mine, check out Milk Comics, who does comics (shocker, I know) and other gaming related articles. He drew that image at the top of this post!


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