How could Far Cry: Primal change the formula up? | Analysis


Far Cry, up to this point, has been your typical shooter sandbox. How would Far Cry: Primal alter that formula?

With IGN Turkey’s accidental reveal of Far Cry: Primal (courtesy of PC Gamer), I’ve been watching Ubisoft’s teaser stream (at the time of writing) for the moment that they unveil the game to see everybody’s reaction. This picture on the stream could hint at some key features and changes for the first shake up of the series since Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, so I’ll be looking at how this could be different from the series so far, using both my hunches and the aforementioned picture.

1. Your weapons

An image of a tribe with weapons ready to hunt.

Far Cry has stayed rooted in the modern age for the most part, with knives, guns, and cars. How will Primal change this? Of course, by looking at this picture that has been formed, we can see an emphasis on spears and bows and arrows, hinting at a more risky system, as a bullet is quicker and more precise than an entire spear. Straying away from ranged attacks though, there could be more of an focus on melee combat, with torches to burn the animal that you could be up against after you use clubs to beat them up. Funnily enough, that brings us onto…

2. The wild animals

Horses, wolves, bears – they’re all a given. What could happen is that Ubisoft could dig deep into the history books to locate some extinct animals to showcase. It does depend on where exactly the game is set, although if I had to wager a guess, I’d say on an island that has peculiarly sunny weather. Not particularly an imaginative guess, but if the previous games are anything to go by, it’s a safe bet. That could, in turn, mean some primitive apes, mammoths, and even some dinosaurs!

3. Method of transportation


With Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate allowing you to tear up the streets with a… horse-and-carriage (it was in the 19th century, after all), Far Cry: Primal could do one further and have travel be on a horse, a Fred Flintstone feet-powered car, or a dinosaur; which one would you want?

4. The mammoth glitches

Come on – we all know this game will have some significant glitches by the time the game comes out. Syndicate already has beeen found to have a bug where a character’s model doesn’t load in for a cutscene. It’s inexcusable, really.

5. Selling the game off the antagonists

The last two instalments have marketed the game through the wacky antagonist, and it worked well for them because they were well-acted and had multiple layers which weren’t created by the dull script. However, with this game, there are so many more possibilities with how to market this game. You’ve got dinosaurs because you’re in the Prehistoric Age. That is terrifying: job done. Pure human instinct is based around avoid large threats, and a snake is a large enough threat already, let alone a dinosaur, who could crush you with its bare hands.

And there we have it! Of course, this may not be accurate to what is revealed, and if IGN Turkey was wrong, all of this will be incorrect – but that could even be for the better. Ubisoft, please don’t rush it; a few notable open-world games have been so far this year, so start 2016 with a bang, eh?


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