How will Twitch fare against YouTube Gaming? | Opinionated

Twitch, for quite a while, has been the kings of the untapped market of live-streaming. Can YouTube Gaming take the crown?

As you may know already, YouTube has created a new game streaming service that will go public this year. It’s called YouTube Gaming, and it will allow you to produce videos of games, or do livestreams, in an easier way than YouTube already allows. It’s already taken smaller steps to make streaming more intuitive – you can now stream at 1080p with 60fps enabled.

Here’s the big question; how are Twitch, currently the juggernauts of the video game streaming services, going to compete against this new competitor? I may not be the smartest person to answer it, but I believe they’d need to do more than keep up – feature optimisation would be the way to go on this issue.

If Twitch rests on its laurels, YouTube Gaming could potentially overthrow Twitch and make it begin a downward spiral. So, what can it do to ward off Google? The most it can do, for now, at least, is refining the user interface. YT Gaming plans to make searching games and channels even easier, so perhaps Twitch could recommend a few games to watch depending on streams you’ve previously watched. If YT Gaming is going to get key YouTubers to help with its launch, Twitch get key streamers to push Twitch to new audiences to keep it in the running to remain as the master of streaming. It has to get a head start so that it isn’t caught off guard when YouTube Gaming has risen to even dizzier heights than Twitch could have ever possibly imagined.

There may be one issue with that – there are a few streaming websites that are on the rise. Hitbox are playing catch up with Twitch currently, as Twitch may potentially be to YT Gaming. With it’s userbase expanding day by day, we could be dealing with a three-way race to the top here, which would be quite interesting, to say the least.

That’s what this whole thing loops back around to, though – how big your userbase is, as the content creators are the ones who can really push your product from the status of niche into the mainstream. Imagine, if you will, a Super Bowl with no fans excitedly shouting in the stands, with no sponsors to speak of, and only broadcast on quite an unknown channel. That wouldn’t be the Super Bowl, would it?

This, almost incidentally, brings us back to our main point – how will Twitch do? Feature optimisation and a fierce brand push is all it can really do, so unless YT Gaming turns out terribly, they’ve got a tough fight to win ahead of them.


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