The Splatoon Global Testfire is a great server test | Opinionated

Sorry for the avalanche of information, but we’ve just learned so much about tonight’s Splatoon Global Testfire!! This just in! There’ll be four weapons available for use during the Splatoon Global Testfire:Splattershot Jr.SplattershotSplat RollerSplat ChargerThat’s a good selection of well-rounded weapons right there. That Splattershot Jr. in particular is a good choice for first-timers.The four weapons you’ll be able to use in the upcoming Testfire event are just the tip of the ink-gun iceberg. The full game will feature a dazzling array of inkredible armaments. The different speeds and strengths of these weapons make for a huge variety of play styles as well. Check out the Weapon Shop section of the Fresh Gear page on the official Splatoon website to see what I mean!

When I first saw Splatoon nearly a year ago, it looked mediocre. There was no fun to be had spraying ink at multiple objects. Interesting, sure, but not revolutionary. This looked like a gimmick, and nothing more. And then a demo was announced, eleven months later.

And now I’m craving more.

Splatoon, at its core essence, is a frantic third person shooter where you must spray ink at the floors of various arenas to win matches online. This is the meat and potatoes of Splatoon, essentially. It’s a four versus four affair, with a few different weapons to choose from as of this demo.

The music is quite enjoyable to listen to, mainly because it fires you up for the fire-fights that are happening around you. You’re ready for the adrenaline rush with this soundtrack in the background. There’s a good variety of tracks on offer here, too; the question is if these tracks won’t get repetitious when the full game releases.

We’ve learned which locations will be available in the Splatoon Global Testfire. First, we’ve got Walleye Warehouse, which has been previously explored by our colleagues in an off-site lab called the Treehouse. The second stage is called Saltspray Rig. Our research indicates that the stage you play will be chosen at random.

The locations have enough variation for a demo – Walleye Warehouse is mainly flat, with a few branching pathways thrown in for good measure. Conversely, Saltspray Rig is a multi-tiered area chock full of areas to explore, but both of these areas do the best they can with the moderately-sized space they have. Both environments are beautifully realised and colourful, with great attention to detail, such as the seagulls flying over Saltspray Rig.

Your platoon of Inklings proceed forth, covering these areas with ink whilst getting rid of the opposition and their ink, with the aim being that the winners cover more of the area in ink than the losers. I found this concept to be extremely fun, because you need to pay attention to your environment to get ahead of the curve. The GamePad’s essential for success, as it shows where you need to rid of the enemy’s ink.

The game’s really fun, but the problem for many is that this demo was timed.

If you haven’t heard, we’re hosting an upcoming Splatoon Global Testfire demo event! Those of you with a Nintendo Wii U can join us, the Squid Research team, as we ink it up today and tomorrow (May 8th and 9th)! Scientifically speaking, it will be most splatacular!

There was only three hours to play this game, and this was frustrating, but it works! This is effective because after the final demo session, we wanted to play more, but we couldn’t, and we have to wait twenty days, with instils interest for the game into you. You end up living and breathing Splatoon, but is that a short-term effect, or is it worth it? Find out in my review of Splatoon, which you can find here.


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