Pokémon Rumble World | Review

The Pokémon Company has published some bad games over the years, with the exception of a select few. Have they finally broken that losing streak?

The Pokémon Company has recently been experimenting with the “free to play” model, with them launching Pokémon Shuffle earlier this year as a spiritual successor to the Pokémon Link! series, with both games created by Genius Sonority. It relied on you paying to advance, but it delivered its message heavyhandedly. Now that Ambrella has had a chance to bring their Pokémon Rumble series to the new model, does Pokémon Rumble World still work, or is it crushed under its own weight?

The graphics are decent, but they come off as if they were hacked together in a few hours by lifting other elements from previous games that Ambrella have done. The uniqueness of the graphics has worn off, with environments being almost annoyingly bright. The Pokémon themselves look like they come out of an early Wii game – because they do – and it’s not like the music makes up for the shortcomings of the graphics. The music all blends in with each other, and it just drones on and on, so turning the sound off will be your first priority.

The game is quite easy, with only special challenges that will provide a little bit of difficulty. I’d argue that it’s almost too easy, with the game being a game where you only use one button (and occasionally two). The gameplay is quite shallow, with each battle being almost pointless. It’s easier to avoid all the Pokémon – and with no real disadvantage to doing so, it could save you time. Here’s where the “free to play” part is shoehorned in; to go to a battle area, as I’ll refer to it, you need to wait for your balloon to become accessible, which doesn’t take too long until you increase your rank past the fifth tier.

At that point, it starts to take longer. It goes from fifteen seconds, to thirty minutes, to an hour, and finally to six hours, which is downright ludicrous. That’s where your Poké Gems come in – for one, all of that time can be taken away. However, you use them to buy balloons for more areas and extra things, too. My final problem is that environments are recycled, or even copied and pasted, from one balloon to the next. If environments are pretty much the same, there’s no point to continue progressing, as it’s the same thing all of the time.

I would have reviewed this game a week after it was released, but a huge problem reared its head. The game crashed on me twice, each time where there was literally no reason to. If the system was under strain, then that’d make no sense – I was playing on a New Nintendo 3DS. If you crash in the middle of a stage, though, you have to wait out the time limit but with none of the things that you did saved, which is quite flawed. It wasn’t just me who experienced this, though – several others can back me up on that. It seems that Ambrella cannot make a competent game.

Don’t get this game. It’s monotonous, lifeless, and is just trying to grab your cash. Don’t fall into the trap that The Pokémon Company set out.


4 thoughts on “Pokémon Rumble World | Review

  1. This is a well written review, but sadly I don’t agree with all of it. But it doesn’t really matter, does it? This review is your opinion, not mine.

    I sorta like the music (apart from the awful looping glitch I had), even if it is a bit overused, the same with the locations, but it doesn’t bother me.

    I paid nothing for this game and I don’t intend to pay anything, so I don’t really mind. If it cost anything I probably would still get it because I make bad choices.

    Point is, it’s basically Super Pokémon Rumble for free (if not a bit scaled down) and I think that’s a good thing. It has its problems, but as does every game. I honestly prefer it to Pokémon Shuffle, but that’s probably because I prefer that type of game. If I had played all of the other Rumbles, I might agree with you.

    I feel bad for using the “it’s free so it doesn’t matter if its bad” excuse, but it would be a truly awful game if it was a full priced game.

    TLDR: Great review, but I don’t think it is as problematic as you do (apart from the freezing).

    Sorry if I offended you or your opinion or anyone, I just wanted give my opinio.

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    1. That’s what opinions are for! I found it problematic as it just felt like the paid elements were shoved into your face way too often. It got worse and worse and I reached Rank 16 until I gave up after it got too repetitious.

      Glad to hear you enjoyed the review, though. I appreciate it!

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      1. I suppose the paid elements were a bit overused, but I find better in a way than Pokémon Shuffle. At least there are stages you can play to pass the time on Rumble World.

        It is a bit troublesome to get more gems or whatever they were called, unlike Pokémon Shuffle where you can just go for about half an hour & be able to play on instantly.

        Sure, it’s like that in Rumble World, but it’s hard to unlock new stages. I only have the first three you can get and the Ruby & Sapphire ones.

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