What was (and still is) the American amiibo predicament? | Analysis

Two months ago, North American western coast port strikes affected many amiibo stock, leading to numerous stock shortages in not only North America, but select regions of Europe as well. Many amiibo became rare, such as Rosalina and Luma and Marth. Luckily, these strikes were resolved, and the amiibo situation was resolved.

However, it emerged that there were three store specific amiibo in North America – Greninja for Toys ‘R’ Us, Jigglypuff for Target, and the elusive Ness amiibo for Gamestop. Unfortunately, the Greninja stock sold out in thirty minutes. Jigglypuff was impossible to pre-order from Target. Even worse, though, was that the Ness amiibo literally brought North American branches of GameStop to their knees. They couldn’t satisfy customer demand as their in-store register, without warning, stopped working. Their website shut down, so they couldn’t be ordered from there. It was a complete disaster.

People were standing in line for literal hours with some not able to get the amiibo in time. GameStop staff tried their hardest to get things working, but nothing was fixed several hours later. Nothing to do except wait. And wait. And wait. This is always what happens when any amiibo are store exclusive. It’s just amped up to a ridiculous degree this specific time around.

Nintendo of America, I have a very simple solution for this to stop happening – stop making amiibo retailer exclusive.

How’s Europe coping, then? Very well, it seems. It seems Nintendo of Europe are actively seeking to increase stock of rarer amiibo, like Little Mac, Villager, Captain Falcon, and Marth, with Nintendo of America only restocking Marth, which is quite a missed oppurtunity on the American branch’s part, seeing as how many amiibo are rare over there compared to numerous amiibo on the other side of the world.

Japan is exactly the same. North America is literally the only place affected because of making certain amiibo exclusive to certain stores. If that business tactic was stopped, then amiibo would be more widely spread out and easier to get, but no, that would be too easy. Importing is a more viable option for Americans right now.


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