Stick Hero | Review

I downloaded this game expecting it to be something I’d play from time to time, just to alleviate boredom. However, what ended up happening was not as I believed it would be. This game is quite the addictive one!

The premise is so simple at first glance – hold down on the screen to extend your line and then release to get to the next block to prolong your ninja’s survival and to obtain one point. For those who have pinpoint accuracy, you can get your line to drop on a red centre square in the middle of the blocks to get across, which awards you the tantalising reward of double points. A nice catchy jingle sounds out whenever you successfully get across to the next block, which is pleasing to the ears, with occasional quiet sounds in the background. That’s everything that Stick Hero has to offer.

And yet, it’s such an addicting game. There was a battle for a high score going on for a few weeks, which almost never happens over here. I just cannot believe how utterly addictive this game is – all of the fundamentals just mesh together so well, and unlike fads like Sonic Dash or Jetpack Joyride, I still come back to this one, seeing as it’s so simple to pick up and play. No extra fluff here. I believe it’s the perfect blend of how satisfying it is to see how perfect your reflexes are, but you’re never dissatisfied if you lose. You instinctively go to try again.

As you can see from these images, the graphics look sleek and aren’t distracting, It helps you to time holding the screen correctly, which is vital in enjoying the game. If the game was too complicated to look at, then that would just be a horrible design choice – a design choice which is done by many budding mobile game developers. The sound effects are incredibly pleasing to the ears, and have a certain sense of depth to them. It helps round out a very simple package.

This is quite a short review, mainly because this game is so self-explanatory. It’s quite an accomplishment to nail a mobile game’s gameplay, but the developers did just that with Stick Hero. It has lasting value. It isn’t overly complex. It’s just a fun thing to play on the side while you’re waiting for something, to give an example. Grab it if you’re interested! It’s certainly worth a go, especially as you have to pay zero pence for it.


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